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xmas wreathChristmas Closing 2015

xmas wreath

Our sales department will be closed from close of business on Friday 18th December and will reopen on Monday 4th January 2016.

Email support will be available during this period as usual.

We thank all our customers for their continuing support during 2015 and wish you all a very happy and safe festive season. We look forward to working with you in 2016.

Welcome to Powerflex
About us

Powerflex Corporation is the developer and manufacturer of PFXplus, the high-performance multi-user software product for application development. Use PFXplus to create industrial strength, commercial quality network business applications for all popular commercial operating platforms including Windows, Linux and AIX.

PFXweb adds a new dimension to PFXplus applications by allowing them to run as Internet applications. With PFXweb you can achieve levels of productivity and performance unparalleled by any other Internet or Web development tool.

Powerflex companion products are the perfect complement to PFXplus, providing outstanding connectivity to other applications as well as superior tools for PFXplus Developers. Companion products include PFXbrowse, PFXsort, PFX C-lib, PFXodbc and PFXcrystal.

Featured Product

PFX C-lib version 5.0

Share your PFXplus data with VB, Delphi and other languages.

PFX C-lib version 5.0 is a finely crafted set of libraries that allows lightning fast access to your PFXplus and compatible data files.

PFX C-lib is available in both standard and SQL versions for Windows. Unix versions are also available.

Send a "subscribe pfx-dev-list" command in the body of the email to the list manager at You immediately become a member of the mailing list.